And in Terms we relate to (Owning a car)
Planning Permit Municipal regulations concerning the use of a building, its contents, determined by building size, environment, amenities, access and egress, use of materials within and on it. Is the car you want fit for purpose i.e. If your car needs to carry 30  people, better off buying a bus. Its not fit for purpose
Building Permit Municipal regulations concerning the construction techniques; materials used; minimum standards and location of safety equipment (measures) ; minimum dimensions of rooms; provisions for signage, lighting Car Specification i.e Car has a load limit, and can only have a certain amount of accessories or modifications fitted to keep it legal.
Occupancy Permit Issued after building works are completed; allows legal occupancy of the building conditional of all the  all planning and building conditions have been met and adhered to. ADR Certificate Your car meets Australian Design Rules, and is safe to use for its intended purpose
Variation to Permit A change in the original Building or Planning permit, to modify or change the original specification of the building or property Engineering Certificate If you change the cars original specification, it needs a new certificate saying its safe to do so. I.e. put in a different motor, change the weight load limit etc
Maintenance Determination; Included in the occupancy permit, and determines what, and how often Essential Safety Measures included in the building permit have to be maintained and to which minimum Australian Standard. Service Manual/Warranty Tells you what needs to be maintained to keep equipment operational and safe
Australian Standard; The required and regulated, minimum standard, or minimum performance level of a material; a service; a piece of equipment; a control measure must maintain in normal use and condition. Approved operators The mechanics and licenses need to be trained to; to be able to service and operate the car.
Essential Safety Measures (ESM); Safety Measures included within a building or a tenancy which include, Access and Egress/Paths of Travel, Electrical Services, Fire Detection Services, Fire Suppression Services, Mechanical Services including Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. ESM are mandatory items that are included in the building permit Safety Equipment Airbags , Brakes, Windscreen toughness and tyres – these are all part of the cars design that keep you safe and they are standard in the ADR
Essential Safety Measures Maintenance; Determines the maintenance requirements of ESM, who can service, when, where and how often they are to be serviced and maintained. Completed in conjunction with manufacturers specifications and Australian Standards Service Books Informs you when and what to get services and where you can get it done
Essential Safety Measures Reporting; The compulsory documentation that verifies that Essential Safety Measures has been maintained, and certifies that the measure is operating and meets its required performance level Roadworthy/Green Slip The service books show that the work has been done and everyone who looks at it can see it
Essential Safety Measures Certification; An mandatory Annual requirement that confirms that all Essential Safety Measures Maintenance and Reports have been completed and are now verified by an independent/authorized third party. An Annual Certificate must be produced and displayed prominently for review at any time by guests or authorities. Registration You pay it every year, and keeps you on the road and deems that your car is roadworthy without having to go through all the log books and personal information